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Why do companies offer a student Discount?

  20M Students account for $417B/year in online sales

Generation Z buys more online than all previous generations combined. With 23M students eligible in the US, if your customer base is younger – you’re missing a massive opportunity. By offering a discount to students, you’re guaranteed to build their loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Young people are the most active online buyers. Their generation accounts for more online spending than all other previous generations combined. This may be the reason large corporations like Apple invest in Student discounts. Once you earn the loyalty of a person, it's hard to take it away. Your shoppers will remember your help for years to come.


ID Discount verifies 100% of U.S./U.K. University students with a valid school e-mail.

Segment Description Eligible
U.S. Student Attending University in the United States. Yes, with valid .edu e-mail
U.K. Student Attending University in the United Kingdom. Yes, with valid e-mail
All others Those who do not meet above criteria. No

  Total Eligibility: 20 Million (U.S.), 4 Million (U.K.)

97% Verified in Under 3 Minutes

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39% verified

By E-Mail
61% verified

Discount Code

  39% verified at Sign In

ID Discount helps hundreds of online Sellers offer exclusive discounts. If your Student customer has previously verified with another Seller, they won't need to re-verify. They'll simply sign in (most choose Facebook or Google to sign in) and their Discount Code will appear.

In case they haven't yet been verified with ID Discount, they'll proceed to an fast, 1-time verification process.

  61% verified with eligible e-mail

Student verification is the least complex (on the backend) of our verification procedures. Our verification process is simply a matter of verifying a Student's .edu or e-mail address. Once an eligible e-mail address has been used to verify an account, the same e-mail may not be used in conjunction with other ID Discount accounts.

After a period of one year, they'll need to re-verify.

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