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Why do companies offer a military Discount?

  96% more likely to return for future purchases

Companies have done it for decades: Home Depot, Advance Auto, 24 Hour Fitness, Foot Locker, Greyhound, Michael’s, Payless Shoes — and hundreds more. These companies all realized the colossal marketing opportunity by supporting our nation’s heroes.

There are 22 Million Active Duty and Veterans living in the United States, all of which qualify with ID Discount. Because ID Discount also verifies immediate family (and allow verification on behalf of a spouse/parent), that number is closer to 68 Million people.

You already know it’s harder to find a new customer than keep an existing one. By offering a verified military discount, your customers will return time-and-time again. In fact, 96% of verified Veterans who received a Military Discount said they were more likely to return to the same business for purchase of similar goods, versus one who didn't.


ID Discount verifies 100% of Active Duty, Veterans, Retired, Disabled and Dependents.

Segment Description Eligible
Active Duty Currently serving (working full-time) in the Armed Forces. Yes
Veteran Previously served in Armed Forces and was discharged under Honorable conditions. Yes
Retired, Disabled Same as Veteran. In some cases these terms are used interchangeably. Yes
Dependent Spouses or children of Active Duty or Veterans. Yes
All others Those who do not meet above criteria. No

  Total Eligibility: 22 Million (68 million with immediate family)

89% Verified Under 60 Seconds

Sign In
37% verified

52% verified

By E-Mail
4% verified

7% verified

Discount Code

  37% verified at Sign In

ID Discount helps hundreds of online Sellers offer exclusive discounts. If your Military customer has previously verified with another Seller, they won't need to re-verify. They'll simply sign in (most choose Facebook or Google to sign in) and their Discount Code will appear.

In case they haven't yet been verified with ID Discount, they'll proceed to an fast, 1-time verification process.

  52% verified with DEERS

ID Discount has secure, limited access to the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS).

Upon login, if a customer hasn't been verified, they're prompted for non-sensitive information (such as service era, precise dates, and military branch) which is then checked against DEERS. We must pay for each inquiry, and not everyone can be verified using this method. Therefore ID Discount gathers the information, but doesn't broadcast details in the verification flow. This method doesn't work for everyone for internal reasons we can't disclose.

When DEERS finds a uniquely positive match, the Active Duty member or Veteran is marked as verified Military in the ID Discount database. Upon future logins, the member will not need to re-verify or provide additional information.

  4% verified with .mil e-mail

Not all members of Active Duty U.S. Military are issued e-mail addresses ending in .mil. However, possession of such e-mail address serves as sufficient proof of military service. Members have the option to order a 5-Digit PIN delivered to their e-mail address. The PIN is used in lieu of a more typical web activation link, due to certain components of the Department of Defense emplacing stringent measures on e-mail filtering (e.g. removing links from e-mails).

Once an e-mail has been linked to an account, it is unable to be used in conjunction with another ID Discount account. Upon successful e-mail verification, the member will be marked as Verified Military in the ID Discount database. Upon future logins, the member will not need to re-verify his or her e-mail address.

  7% verified with Document

Using the earlier methods, most verifications by ID Discount are instant. In some cases, particularly with older Veterans, neither instant verification method will provide a positive match. When this happens, ID Discount allows a variety of uniquely-identifying documents to be uploaded which serve as sufficient proof.

These documents include:

  • DD-214
  • Official ID from Veteran's Affairs
  • Veteran's Driver's License (not all States offer this)
  • G.I. Bill documents
  • Promotion Certificate or Award Certificate

When a document has been uploaded, we'll send them an e-mail receipt to acknowledge delivery. Inspection often occurs within minutes, though we say it usually occurs under 1 hour between the hours of 6AM - 9PM PST. Upon inspection, we'll send them a confirmation of their approval, and instruct them to re-visit the popup in order to retrieve their discount. Verified customers will not need to re-verify their status after approval.

What happens if ID Discount declines the document?

1. The first and most popular rejected document is the "cat picture". (In other words, it's a random picture that person happened to have on their device.) In this case, ID Discount will reply with a generic declined e-mail reminding them of acceptable documents, and allow them to try again.

2. The second kind is a genuine misunderstanding - a blurry photo or a password-protected PDF document. In this case, ID Discount replies with a handwritten message to the applicant to help them get verified.

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